Confetti Cannon Effects

Why confetti for my next event?

What a Dreams Unlimited confetti show adds to a event is a visual thrill and it fills the air with excitement. It heightens the event experience, making it more enjoyable and more memorable. Ask anyone who’s been to a confetti-filled special event or concert, it instantly turns the ordinary extraordinary. It says there is something to celebrate and it turns adults into awestruck children and sends children into a giddy glee. It is very hard to duplicate that feeling with anything other than confetti show from Dreams Unlimited.

Environmental & Safety Issues

Dreams Unlimited prides itself on paying close attention to key-environmental issues. We use only biodegradable confetti and streamer products that are fit for any environment. Our emphasis on recycling and environmentally friendly products. Some key traits of the confetti products we use are:

1. 90% of all the tissue confetti and streamer products we use come from post- industrial recycled materials.

2. 100% of the tissue confetti and streamer products used are consumer recyclable.

3. We offer dissolvable confetti and streamers that are produced with dissolvable rice starch paper that is 100% green, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. This product also dissolves in water which makes clean-up or litter concerns non-issues.

4. All of the confetti and streamer products we use, including our metallic streamers and PVC confetti, are flame retardant or self-extinguishing unless otherwise noted.

5. All of the confetti and streamer products we use are non-toxic

What About colors?

When considering confetti & streamers colors for your event, there are several questions to ask. What is the tone or mood of the event? Is there an existing color scheme? If it’s an especially classy affair, you might want silver or gold. School dance, your school’s colors. Fun and festive? Multi-color. We also offer UV (blacklight) reactive confetti for use with a black light show. Remember, the sky’s the limit on color choices!
Details About Our Confetti Cannon Shows:
1. Professional cannons that use safe air pressure to shoot the confetti.
2. The show is best suited for larger rooms with higher ceilings or outdoors events.
3. We can provide up to 4 different colors of confetti or streamers.
4. The confetti show is a great addition to our balloon drops or black light shows!
5. This show is messy, so make sure you have a good clean-up crew for after the event.
Des Moines DJ Services for Confetti Cannons