LED Up Lighting Effects

How can I use your LED Up-lighting for my event?

1. Transforming the look of your room with these lights is far easier than with standard decorations or with fabrics. With our lights we can give you just about any color you would need to match your theme. As an example; green for a jungle feel or blue for an ocean feel or yellow for a sunny beach feel.

2. Increased ambient light for the room. This is useful for school dances in any sized room, the lights can illuminate the sides and rear of a room so the overhead lights don’t need to be on from a safety point of view. The key is that the lights are reflecting off the ceiling and not pointing down or at the students / guests killing the events atmosphere like a bunch of overhead light fixtures would!

3. Glow, Illuminate and Hi-light. Our lights can be spread around the room to provide consistent and even lighting everywhere. If you have special decorations, we can hi-light them also for a dramatic look.

4. Music Sync. Our lights are controlled by a custom program on a lighting laptop computer. We can sync the lights to the DJ music or we can design custom programs for color changes and color scrolls to match your event.